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Nature Healthy on Herbal Remedy and Holistic Treatment


My Natural Holistic Health Services is a combination of modern holistic treatment methods with especial unique exclusive characters, which together come with the specializes of Natural Medicine Treatment strategy.

I provide leading-edge integrative conventional cancer therapies, including dietary modification and nutritional supplements that are the biological key influence targets in the adjuncts therapy management of cancer disease and many diseases have multiple and complex causative factors. My treatment strategy designed to treat the causes and underlying mechanisms of illness for each individual person and do not treat conditions as much as I treat the person who has the condition. So takes a very holistic & dynamic view on approaches in natural medicine and looks at each person on a thorough individual basis. At the end of the consultation, usually I will provide advice based on individual requirements, the advice may include information on herbal or De-toxic formula, nutritional requirements involving foods to include or avoid within the diet, fluid intake, exercise patterns, emotional issues and stress reduction or other treatment protocols. Bringing the body back into balance takes time, usually between one to six months to resolve in most cases and that improvement is occurring in that period. Some conditions require long-term management strategy.

So, you will have a brief interview with me to discuss your health condition, previous test or diagnosis, current medications and any question you may have arising from your symptoms.

After our meeting and consultation, we start our treatment strategy that will assist you with the best possible health grower plan of your choice.

Organs infection and injuries or other illness is best treated medically first and then use smart natural treatment strategy as a support body systems. Medicine is become very sophisticated unnatural in our organ treatment, and selected natural medicines would be used when other medicines are ineffective or treatments are not available or available treatment modalities with a negative result. I have experienced just about awesome things happen using my natural solutions when medical or non-medical treatments have given failed out.

Natural Medicine Practitioners are highly trained in the safe and healing use of herbal medicine to heal the body organs and I am doing as one of those best as the most clients agreed with that my modern technical quality and quality of my services they obtain. Today's market offers many herbal preparations, which do not contain standardized and quality components. To get a therapeutic effect on the body organs, it will be very important to work with a qualified practitioner with experience and knowledge of herbal medicine preparations that are both safe and effective.

My specialized supplements are for prevention and the treatment that sayings hard to treat or the non-curable illness conditions. If you or someone in your community suffering from the diseases and there is no hope for to be healthy, then you can try to use the different treatment strategy to be safe and effective with hope and nothing to lose.

My most Herbal Medicines Formulas are a powerful healing tool that uses selective quality of important medicinal sea herbs and mountainside forest herbals properties, preparations in a capsule, caplet or tablet to treat effectively a variety of health concerns, including:

Adrenal and Thyroid Health, Allergies, Digestive Concerns, Detoxification, Hormonal and Energy Balance, Immune Health, Skin Conditions, Stress Management, Weight Loss and Gain, Insomnia, Increase Libido and more.

That my counseling services and organs evaluate, will help you to know your organ's condition, for example like:

Adrenal activity: Manage cortisol level, weight, and energy.

Blood sugar balance: Regulate your sugar and insulin levels.

Candida: Take Control of yeast overgrowth.

Detoxification: PH balances and cleanses your body.

Fatigue: Recover the deficiencies, balance thyroid and adrenals.

Hormone balance: Balance your hormones naturally.

Immune system boost: Support your immune system.

Inflammation: Reduce and control inflammation and clean allergies naturally.

Meal Planning: Customize specialized diets, nutrition.

Skin annoyance: Get to the root, and treat your skin from the inside to out.

Weights lose & gain: Reset your metabolism correctly.

You can enjoy amazing improvements in your health when you get off from your hidden illness first. Please let me teach you how.

Mystery ailments like Cardiovascular Condition, Fatigue, Diabetes, Cancer and even blindness can disappear when you eliminate the hidden illness trigger and healthy vitality comes roaring back to body organs and then you finally realized that what was triggering your illness.

The sad part is your routine health practitioner will not even think of looking for it and worst of all, every day that silent killer, slowly breaks down nerves, bones, liver and other organs through travels to them.

It does not matter that how careful you are with your lifestyle and diet or how many vitamins; you take a day or how much exercise you do. By age, our body is growing weaker every day and more helpless against attacks by arthritis, heart disease, cancer, and many other illnesses. That is because hide illness maker is in our body, at the exact spot where it can do the most organs damage. Discover a valuable tool to protect yourself from cancer, Alzheimer's, heart failure, multiple sclerosis and other diseases, reverse organs long-term damage from chemical medicine and get back your glowing good health. Allergies, chronic headaches, sinus congestion, muscle tension can be stopped immediately. In honest facts, you need the straight up, so you can learn exactly what is going on in your body. In addition, most importantly, you need to learn just what you should do about it to reverse the long-term illness and get your health back, or stop your future risk of getting cancer and save your life, also protect your brain from Alzheimer's, memory loss, and depression.

Clean your heart, liver, lungs and circulatory system.

Unlock the mystery of chronic diseases like diabetes, fibromyalgia, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome and others.

Now, it is an accepted fact that you have to take responsibility for your own health if you truly desire to live a happier, healthier with longer life, which it is drug-free and disease-free. Moreover, this responsibility comes with having at your disposal the requisite information and knowledge on what to do or not to do, what to eat and drink or avoided, and several other situations to consider when assessing your state of health and the right remedial action to take.

The uniqueness of my approach is that each case is individualized. This means that there is no mass treatment regime for my clients. Their complaints from their mental, emotional and physical components will be carefully analyzes and investigated, then the results of that will show and give a clear unique treatment strategy approach synchronized, which that tailored to meet the individual’s peculiar condition or constitution and advised to client accordingly.

This website will give you some answers to many of the most common questions about Iridology, organs Health Energy Nutrition evaluation or Natural Health Care and more. My designed website is for people whom searching for a naturopath or want to learn. After you have visited the website, give me a call or send me a message, let me talk about expanding your health with my Unique Natural Health Care programs, Programs such as Cancer treatment, Diabetes, Blood and Cardiovascular system treatment and many other health concerns.


Good health is a lifelong goal. My unique holistic health care solutions perfectly work for each organ of the body age life. Programs will be designs to address your long-term health goals. Each program is individually customized to client's health strategy needs and establishes a lifelong relationship with clients to address their ever-changing needs. My programs can guide you from where you are today in a state of your best health.

Henry Hossein Mossavat, ND, BSc, is a Holistic Practitioner with deep knowledge of Eastern & Western natural health philosophies, diploma, and certifications in Natural Medicine, Holistic Nutrition and Herbs, Iridology and some other profession.

I will tell you the most secret.

The body can heal itself when given the chance to do, so when the body is sick, its healing mechanisms are overwhelmed or not functions properly. Now, how can we bring our body back to healthy? Nutrition plan often is the link to recovery. Changing the medicine foods eaten can have a profound impact on our overall health and our body's ability to heal itself.

H Mossavat is writer and author of cancer book and nutrition columnist, holistically health care drafts tailored for clients better life living and offer training in a variety of different therapies for restoring health and vitality, relaxation, rejuvenation and teaching the holistic nature medicine of the future.

Book can be obtain at AMAZON worldwide book websites.

H Mossavat graduated in Science Engineering Art from Tehran Polytechnic University, then continually studies and researching in the science of nature modality programs for over thirty years with an especial interest duty in human organ stress. Licensed, certified and diploma in holistic Health and natural medicine practitioner and Iridologist, and member of the related association in Canada.

Henry H. Mossavat

Holistic Health Practitioner & Iridologist.

Serving: London, Toronto and Southern Ontario.

Accept WORLDWIDE and CANADA home visit from coast to coast.

E-mail: [email protected]

Tel: +1-647-222-6568 (Please leave a detailed message include name, number and any pertinent information)

740 Wonderland Rd S, London, Ontario, Canada.

Disclaimer: The information will assist you to create better picks for more wellness beneficial. The selections that you earn today can either cause a positive or negative impact on your overall wellness. Start out by choosing better. It is a step toward longevity.

I offer non-invasive body organs Analyze and Iridology as well as natural treatments for health conditions, using only natural methods; services include herbal and nutrition medicine and a holistic teachable literature course. I offer holistic services in London, Toronto and support the nearby towns of Oshawa to Brampton, Hamilton and Windsor in west of Ontario.
My alternative holistic services and products do not intend to supersede or substitute diagnosis or medicines prescribed by your doctors.  My methods and services are more on the prevention side, in order to procedure, block and prevent health problems before they become full-blown diseases.