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Organs Health checklist through the Holistic Iridology Test & Analyze

Holistic Health through the Iris Analysis followed by
Therapeutic Toxic Drainage & Metabolic Balance

with Energetic Herbal Medicine

Are you Sick and need full care to get back to being healthy

Back to healthiness naturally

Heal yourself from the roots, finding and treating the cause. Do guidance to Healthcare Naturally. Improving health and healing with modern Scientific Natural Herbal Medicine.

If you believe that you involved with the Chronic illness like   Hot Flashes, Digestive Disorder, Constipation, Diarrhea, Allergies, Anxiety & Stress, Arthritis, Back Pain, Cardiovascular illness, Headaches, Prostate Problems, Skin conditions, Hair loss, Weight loss or gain, Hormones & Energy Disorder or if you believe that, there is something else and more you need to be done to resolve your current chronic illness, than my methods and strategy is for you. Would you like to get the right answers to the following questions?

* How does your practitioner identify what toxin you are dealing with?

* How does your practitioner release and move toxins out of your body?

* How does your practitioner determine the things are blocking the cell membrane?

* What do you do when your doctor treatment gets fail?

* The Degenerative Chronic disease has linked to blockages within energy area. How does your practitioner can resolve that case to restore flow? ( importantly it will be difficult and different for each individual).

* How does your practitioner answer to your question about when am I going to be fine.

I teach my clients how to energetically assess the underlying cause behind illness and provide the body with what it needs in order to heal and back to healthy. There are many method and strategy to do this. The designed situation will help you quickly to success approach for long time health even with the most for difficult cases.

One of my clients with rheumatoid arthritis -RA- was misdiagnosed for over 15 years. A neurologist told him that the pain in his hands was carpal tunnel syndrome. An internist told him that the all his ache were from the flu. An orthopedic surgeon told him he had bursitis in both shoulder, and none of those treatments helped and none of those symptoms made any sense. Finally, a surgeon who ordered an exam of his pelvis figured it out after nine previous doctors did not, the new result show he could have so much damage to his hip and not have RA.

According to autopsy studies, misdiagnosis is one of the most common medical errors in the world occurring about 15 to 20 percent of the time, it can lead to unnecessary or delayed treatment and physical or emotional suffering with using of wrong chemical medicine and have a dire outcome.

For the most rheumatic diseases, there is not a lot of laboratory tests and there is no gold standard diagnosis.

If ailing person are concerned, can have the right and certainly should get a second opinion.

Always we have to remember due to knowledge leakage because of the rush and tight time, doctors may have arrived at the wrong conclusion about symptoms condition and treatment.


Add years to your life with the youngest happy face

The eye Analysis will tell us the condition of our health

Eye Analysis will give us  no more guesswork.

With Iris Analysis, you will get your easy and understandable analysis reports faster within hours, the report that we need to support our health program objectives. With Iris Analysis, we will find out answer that is more specific to our health concerns.

Do you know the level of your organ nutritional deficiencies?

Having an Iris analysis done to investigate the state of your personal health, is the most accurate way to determine the nutritional imbalances in your body that might be affecting your health.

During your first appointment, you will get pictures taken of your Iris (eye) with a special super digital camera attached to a powerful microscope. These pictures will show details of the iris fibers, structures and colors that when analyzed, will provide an Information about your genetic constitution, strengths, weaknesses and current states of health. This procedure is painless and non-invasive.

With an unhealthy condition, our body will automatically give out certain alarms, such as easy fatigue, body aches, headaches, insomnia, lack of appetite, depression, anxiety, stress, fear, bad temper, palpitation, dizziness, inertia and so on. People who have these symptoms are determined to be in sub-health condition. Know your health status with Iris (eye) analysis, your organs health test report after produce will be review with you such as Basic Physical Quality, Bone Mineral Density, Blood Sinter, Cardiovascular condition, Endocrine, Gynecology and Immune System, liver and Gallbladder, lung and Respiratory tract, Prostate, Rheumatism, Stomach and Intestines condition, Stress and more.


Iridology is the science and art of analyzing the iris of the eye. It is a painless, non-invasive method of analyzing your constitutional strength and weakness, and literally, the condition of each organ inside your body. It sounds remarkable, as indeed it is.

Identify early manifestation of illness 

Around 70% of people over the age of 40 have a chronic illness; they have not treated at the onset of these chronic conditions.  Simply, because some people living around with illness in progress and are unaware of it until symptoms appear. Is there a way of identifying the start of these conditions? Is there a way to see what is going on in the body before symptoms arise?

Iridology offers inexpensive, non-invasive and highly accurate methods of confirming the diagnosis as well as monitoring the effects of treatment.

Iridology is living proof of natural healing and of the fact that the suppression of disease is not a cure. It also provides a preventative approach to health as well as warning of weaknesses, development in specific areas of the body.

In the U.S.A., Dr. Jensen and others have pioneered this healing art and have developed sophisticated cameras to help identify iris markings. In Russia, doctors are using Iridology in mental hospitals, where the information gained is used to guide detoxification and nutritional programs, which, when applied, relieve the mental illness.   

Windows to the whole body

Iridology does not diagnose disease; it Analyzes tissue condition, this distinction is important. Tissue condition analysis lends itself to a different healthcare approach.

Much about the life history and health status of the individual can see in the iris. Iridology can pick up inherent weaknesses, nutritional deficiencies, lymph system trouble, the condition of the digestive track, drug accumulation in the tissue and excess acidity in the body.

A properly trained and qualified Iridologist is a teacher who will guide his or her clients towards better health involving them actively in their treatment.

Most of my clients come to me after a trip to the doctor that did not leave them feeling better. They were still suffering from chronic fatigue, pains, aching muscles and joints, digestive discomfort, and other conditions, conditions that we regard as the earliest manifesting of disease. Chronic conditions always begin with early manifestation such as low-energy, skin problems, frequent colds, headaches, digestive discomfort and other discomforts. Unfortunately, when these symptoms are suppressed, we are on the way to creating a deep-seated chronic condition.

As a Holistic Health Professional, my ultimate goal is to include the following principles in the context of restoring holistic health to every individual:

* Identify problems as early as possible.

* Detoxification and use herbal - nutrition and safe, natural treatments in restoring health.

* Educate the clients to return to healthy living maintaining high energy and good health.

If you have had a diagnosis of cancer; so do you need any more bad news? Obviously not; but even a diagnosis of cancer or any other illness may not actually give you the full picture. Are there other biochemical events going on in your body that could potentially inhibit your best efforts to bring about improvements?  How could you find out what they might be and when you have all this information, what can you do about them and with what likely success?

To begin, it will seem simply strange because it takes time for our minds to adjust it to new knowledge.

Every day I help clients that are confounded by their illness and want an approach that can address their individuality, rather than their illness.

I am committed to delivering the best services to my clients by providing the best treatments, comfortable, safe, and effective scientifically based herbal medicine.

If you or your family member has a illness that is difficult to cure and Western Medicine treatment has been ineffective, maybe I can help you. Please call +1-647-222-6568 to make an appointment. I will try my best and provide the best Herbal treatment strategy. If you live far away, you may ask for advice.

Visit fee is more reasonable and affordable, and that will be free for those who cannot afford treatments.

Just relax and call for an appointment.

Henry H. Mossavat is holistic health practitioner and Iridologist with a background in Homeopathy, Nutrition Science, Holistic Devices Technology and unique knowledge of subjects such as Eastern and western Herbal and Natural Diet and Lifestyle management.

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My holistic health treatment methods may work for you to assist you in creating for yourself a sustainable path to your best and healthiest life. I take pride in my work and treat every client like a friend.

Henry H. Mossavat

Holistic Health Practitioner & Iridologist

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A disclaimer: The information will help you to make better choices for better health. The choices that you make today can either have a positive or negative impact on your overall health. Begin by choosing better, it is a step toward longevity. I offer non-invasive body organs Analyze and Iridology as well as natural treatments for health conditions using only natural method; services include herbal and nutrition Medicine and some holistic programs. I provide holistic services in Toronto and support the nearby towns of Oshawa to Brampton and Hamilton to Winsor Ontario.

My alternative services and products do not intend to replace or substitute diagnosis or medicines prescribed by your physicians. My methods and services are more on the prevention side, in order to stop and prevent health problems before they become full-blown diseases.