Naturopath & Iridologist - Holistic Family Health and Wellness Consultant

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House Call Services

Mossavat home base is in London and Toronto, Ontario. He built up a mobility house call program to all Southern Ontario from Toronto to Windsor in West and North to Sudbury or Far East to Ottawa. House call is available for clients who are physically unable to have an outdoor visit, or for their more comfortable. Regular visit fees plus travel time apply and need to pay by cheque or credit card for when booking. Cheque has to be payable to Mossavat Natural Health Care Inc. You can make more advantage of your house visit appointment service in your place.

The costs of an Iridology & Naturopath Home Visit are affordable.

Appointments & Telephone Consultations

I will listen to your concerns, evaluate your health, and develop an effective treatment plan. Telephone consultations are available and regular visit fees apply to telephone consultations.  I will see clients only on appointment time, visit services Payments are due and payable at the time of service and accept cash, cheque and credit card. In order to reserve your First Visit Appointment Time; May your credit card number will be required as a deposit. Appointments canceled with less than 48 hours notice will be charge for the regular visit fee. To make an appointment, please call +1-647-222-6568 or by email, [email protected]

Treatment Services

With Mossavat Natural Health Care, do better, Healthy living  lifetime, reverse aging disease with stop it naturally.

Let your body and spirit, discover modern scientific herbal medicine, which it very basic one does cured illness and improving the quality of life for over a thousand years.

Are you ready for the seven days De-toxic diet challenge?

To get your ultra wellness, notify me by phone call or email and let me know to start that.

Unfortunately, today in the world, many of the medical treatments available can make you feel worse. Anti-inflammatory drugs can lead to intestinal bleeding, osteoporosis, muscle loss, kidney disorder, diabetes, depression and so on.

The focus of the doctors around the world is on how to suppress the disease symptoms with chemical medication without finding and treating the cause. That focus and the inverse of the right method is the false negative rate, which expresses the likelihood of missing cases of the disease.

The causes of problems that are experienced by patients are often unable to be detected by most methods, but often can go steady in both Iridology method and organs energy test. Iridology rooted look at the inherited tendency for major or minor illnesses and the energy test will see out your organs deficiency and needs.

The energy test from organs and Iris Iridology, investigate and look at everything, such as stomach and digestive problem, blood sugar, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, liver and gallbladder problem, lung, kidneys, skin trouble, thyroid and hormonal gland disorder, allergy and many other causes like headaches.

Headaches can be the caused by many reasons such as allergy or low blood sugars, digestive toxic, muscle tension, cardiovascular and liver problem. All these needs investigating and analyze to determine which treatment strategy priority has to be select and done. Once weaknesses and deficiencies detected, then a specific herbal treatment strategy can treat the problem and its underlying causes. It is significant to note that, genes themselves do not cause disease.

Herbal medicine is a different way of thinking about the disease, which that helps to understand and treat the real causes of disease, instead of finding clever ways to shut it down for ever not only the symptoms. We must find the source and treat the underlying source, not the symptoms. The chemical medicine and it equally is used today, has a series of doubts, and that the medical practitioners will need to see if the individual receiving any evidence of extra side effect sickness, like Depression, and do not to ask the question why are you sick again.

Mossavat lifelong studies, researching and experience has qualified him to instruct others and successfully treat done the holistic medical challenges for the 21st century. He offers comprehensive care based on modern of traditional ancient Medicine. He will provide special customs treatment for some ailments, using the unique knowledge of universe herbal medicine formula with his own techniques.

MOSSAVAT is a Doctor of Natural Medicine and licensed Holistic Practitioner. He studies and holds a Degree, Diploma in Herbology, Nutrition, and Iridology, bachelor in science and art, engineering technology in 1997,  medical computer devices and technology expertise. MOSSAVAT is an expert in Traditional Ancient Medicine, community‚Äôs herbs medicine instructor and teaches current and future food energy of herbal medicine for the modern-day clients. For years and presently, writing an article in Persian weekly local community newspaper and currently writing part time to publish his second books.

His specialized focus on German Iridology and mixed it with his own energy test method and strategy, make his treatments complete to be successful.

Weekend and evening appointments available.

Henry H. Mossavat

Natural Medicine Doctor & Iridologist

Licensed Holistic Practitioner

Tel: + 1-647-222-6568

E-mail: [email protected]

1105 Jalna Blvd, London, Ontario, Canada.