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Iridology Online Service

Iridology and Health Assessment via Skype or email

Iris Analysis / Organs  Nutrition  Analysis / Consulting Service / BMI Body Mass Index calculation / Weight loss & Gain Program / De-Toxic & organs cleansing naturally.

Iridology is much more than just the study of the Iris, it is much more than a definition of the word.

During an Iridology Analysis, I make personalized recommendations for improving your diet, lifestyle and other factors may be presently involved in your condition. You will receive a fuller apprehension of your health; feel empowered and motivated to start creating positive change.

You can email at  [email protected] with your questions or concerns and I will respond within 72 hours.

Once you make your payment for the Iridology Analysis, I will send you an email confirmation of your order and schedule your session.

If you need to do an online Iridology Analysis, take clear photos of each eye with a digital camera or smart Phone and e-mail them to me. It is best to have someone else to help you. Send 3X2= six photos of the right and left the eye. Once I approve your iris photos, I will schedule a time to meet with the subject of Iridology Analysis. The Iridology Session is a 1-hour in length.

At an appointment time, we will meet and I will explain your results and report your action list for change.
Iridology always looks at the body as a whole. I will analyze your symptom and offer you a different perspective and better understanding, able to get the treatment results you desire. With an open mind and working with me, I will counsel you accordingly based on all of the findings in your Iridology Iris Analysis. I prefer to recommend the treatment strategy include foods and herbs, those contain your supplement and elements needs.

Know your health status with art technology of eye Analysis and full body Energy test.

Body anatomical system and organs health evaluation will produced with it analysis report which will include an in-depth Iridology examination and may utilize analysis of the fingertips, fingernails or tongue. To use consultation on telephone or via internet, please email me in advance to use this service. Service fee cannot be cover by OHIP.

Henry H. Mossavat

Holistic Health Practitioner & Iridologist

Licensed Holistic Practitioner

E-mail:  [email protected]

740 Wonderland Rd S, London, Ontario, Canada.