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Wellness Evaluation

Holistic Health, Wellness Evaluation

Henry H. Mossavat, is one of these rare individual, independent researcher, which devoted time and talent to take the keys to creating living healthy naturally with background studies of Iridology, Homeopathy, Nutrition Science, Holistic Health Computer Technology and unique knowledge of subjects such as Herbal & Natural Medicine, Food and lifestyle management.

Experience safer and help heal the body's cells without side effects, safe, effective, drug-free, for acute or chronic physical ailments or emotional strain.

Renew Your Body

Holistic organ health analysis utilizes leading edge technology to promote Optimum Physical, Emotional & Mental states of being and restores the body’s energy and balance. Uses natural and gentle methods to stimulate the body to heal itself, each client will assessed to identify his or her unique requirements to regain optimum health.
Organs health analysis is more than just a diagnostic tool, it is a non-invasive technology that energetically scans and identifies the specific electromagnetic frequency of different molecules, it will measure accurately in less than 2 minutes from over 9,000 different substances as electromagnetic wave-forms. The health problem will be found in non-vibrating or non-charged, or non-energized cell, and shows non- harmonizes, body stress and imbalances.
Everything possesses frequency. By testing these frequencies, I can pinpoint exactly where and which organ and gland system are weak within the body. It can be a result of nutritional deficiencies, infection, or sedation from the scar. Also able to assist of which nutrients, supplements or treatments may need to strengthen, repair, and reinstate these organ/gland systems.

By using my method, there is absolutely no guesswork and no stone left unturned, we work together to bring the body into homeostasis.
This is like a pre-pathology neurological exam, without the use or risk of modern day medical technology, procedures, or missing key components of imbalance within the body.
Check the allergens, amino acids, blood fat, cholesterol, enzymes, food substances, hormone levels, minerals, natural sugars, muscle tone, nutrients, toxins, vitamin levels and balance of internal organs health and more.
The initial evaluation session will include evaluation, retraining and management life prescriptions require two-three hours for properly evaluate organs and the plan out these changes to ensure that your health continues to improve ultimate healing over time. 

Do you feel uneasy taking prescription drugs?
Are you tired of you been told that your health problem is all in your mind?
Are you ready to open a new window that may give you better health?
Are you interested in Alternative Natural Medicine?
Are you willing to invest a ½ hour in learning what your body is trying to tell you?
You can find out it easily by using my service of noninvasive analysis that tells you the condition of your health without Lab analysis or radiography.
The initial evaluation session will include evaluation; retraining and management life prescription requires two-three hours time to evaluate your body properly with the plan out these changes to ensure that your health continues to improve over time. My goal is to work towards ultimate healing.

Change your life in 100 days.

You need to target cellulite, to achieve a slimmer and smoother body.
My Holistic plan helps you to improve the radiance and youthfulness of your skin. People will wonder what your secret to looking so young is.
Change your life by helping you become healthier, slimmer, and energetic.
Improve your health, by the end of the challenge, by providing daily nutrients. You will see the proof and feel the benefits as well.
Arm yourself with the information you need to make a smart decision about holistic alternative care. To start your journey towards hope, please call +1-647-222-6568

The method encompasses many scientifically based, techniques that have proved successful for when suffering from a variety of illnesses and disease affects the body's organs.
Online Consultation and House call available for those who cannot travel, for individual senior and disabled clients who are unable to leave the house, the visit will be arranged to wherever the client is located.

To use the telephone or internet online CONSULTATION, please email me in advance to use this service. The fee cannot be covered by OHIP.

Day, evening and weekend appointments available

Henry H. Mossavat

Natural Medicine Doctor & Iridologist
Licensed Holistic Practitioner
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